Cultural Workers' Day in Belarus Date in the current year: October 13, 2024

Cultural Workers' Day in Belarus Cultural Workers' Day is an official professional holiday in the Republic of Belarus celebrated on the second Sunday in October. It was established in 1998 by President Alexander Lukashenko and has been observed annually ever since.

The culture of Belarus has been developing for many centuries under the influence of various factors: the ethnographic background of the Belarusian people (the merger of Slavic and Baltic tribes), old pagan traditions, Orthodox Christianity, influence of Polish, Lithuanian, and Russian culture. That is why Belarusian culture is so rich and diverse.

When Belarus was incorporated into the USSR, the Soviet government took control of Belarusian culture. So after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, much attention have been paid to the revival and further development of the national culture. Cultural Workers' Day was established to promote cultural development and recognize the contributions of cultural workers.

Cultural Workers' Day is the professional holiday of Belarusian writers, poets, artists, actors, musicians, singers, employees of museums and galleries, dancers, choreographers, theater directors, composers, librarians, etc. It is marked with various cultural events, including (but not limited to) concerts, exhibitions, festivals, award ceremonies.

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