Civil Aviation Workers' Day in Belarus Date in the current year: November 3, 2024

Civil Aviation Workers' Day in Belarus Civil Aviation Workers' Day is a Belarusian professional holiday celebrated on the first Sunday in November. It was established in 1998 to commemorate the first flight from Minsk to Moscow that tool place in 1933.

The history of civil aviation in Belarus began on November 7, 1933, when Minsk-1 Airport officially opened. The opening day was marked with the first flight from Minsk to Moscow. An important milestone in the history of Belarusian civil aviation was the opening of Minsk-2 Airport (now Minsk National Airport) in 1982.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Belarus created its independent civil aviation. In 1993, it joined the International Civil Aviation Organization. The country's civil aviation activity and civil airports are coordinated by the Department for Aviation. Minsk National Airport is the main international airport in Belarus. It serves as the main hub of Belavia, the Belarusian flag carrier, and two cargo carriers, Genex and TransAVIAexport Airlines.

Civil Aviation Workers' Day was established in 1998 by President Alexander Lukashenko to recognize the achievements of the country's civil aviation personnel, including (but not limited to) pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, aircraft mechanics, etc.

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