Archivist’s Day in Belarus Date in the current year: October 6, 2024

Archivist’s Day in Belarus October 6 is Archivist's Day in Belarus. This is an official professional observance of Belarusian archivists. This observance was created to celebrate anniversary of establishment of the first central state archive on the territory of the present-day Belarus.

Preservation of documentary sources is a very important mission. Every day archivists do their best to preserve ancient sources for the future generations.

The first central state archive started functioning on the territory of Belarus in 1863. It kept important documents dating from the 16th till the 18th century. Now Belarusian archives contain information on the social economic and political history, cultural traditions and genealogical information of Belarusians.

More than 12 million archives are situated on the territory of Belarus. They contain various document sources, that are divided into different categories: films, photos, texts and digital information.

It may seem that being an archivist isn't a very important job. But the archivists make sure that the descendants will be able to find out more information about the life of their ancestors.

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