Rescuer's Day in Belarus Date in the current year: January 19, 2024

Rescuer's Day in Belarus January 19 is Rescuer's Day, that is observed by all men and women in the Republic of Belarus. This observance was created in 1998.

Rescuer's Day was created by the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Belarus dating March 26, 1998. According to the decree, different dates for professional days, including Rescuer's Day, were adopted.

Every year President of Belarus sends greeting to Belorussian emergency bodies. Nowadays the Ministry of Emergency Situations networks highly-qualified personnel and modern equipment that help resolving all complicated tasks and protect people against natural disasters and accidents. The Belorussian Rescue Service, as the element of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, counts about 1,000 combat units and over 6,000 pieces of machinery. Two Ministry of Emergency Situations high schools provide training for personnel.

Belorussian rescuers recruit new members on their professional day. The new members take oath to protect the Belorussians and help any country in the world not only in terms of staff training.

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