Social Worker Day in Belarus Date in the current year: January 5, 2019

Social Worker Day in Belarus January 5 is Social Worker Day in Belarus. This professional holiday was established according to the presidential decree of March 26, 1998.

Social Worker Day in Belarus was introduced to highlight the importance of social protection system. Social protection in Belarus, as well as in other countries of the world, plays a very important role in helping poor, setting different social payments (like pension and allowance), supporting seniors etc.

156 territorial centers of social protection work in Belarus and they help over 1,5 million people. Over 75,000 seniors and handicapped receive service at home. Also the Belorussian system of social state aid assists poor people in increasing of their income and makes it conforming to minimal state guarantee.

Social workers also give psychological and medical aid and provide handicapped with rehabilitation and adaptation. Family issues are one of the most acute for social workers. State aid and facilities are provided for families with children.

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