Belarusian Science Day Date in the current year: January 28, 2024

Belarusian Science Day The last Sunday in January is Belarusian Science Day. This holiday was officially created in the end of 1993.

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) is the leading scientific organization in the Republic of Belarus. It organizes and coordinates numerous scientific explorations and developments in the fields of the engineering, natural, social and human sciences.

The Institute of Belarusian Culture was the main scientific organization in Belarus till 1928. It was reorganized on October 13, 1928 and the public opening ceremony took place on January 1, 1929.

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus consists of numerous scientific-application centers, research institutes and centers, design and experiment facilities, museums, libraries and archives. More than 17,000 people were working in NASB in 2007. Among them were over 1970 Candidates of Sciences and about 560 Doctors of Sciences.

Nowadays the Belorusian science lacks of young scientist. Unfortunately, the graduates are not interested in the scientific career.

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