Lawyer's Day in Belarus Date in the current year: December 1, 2024

Lawyer's Day in Belarus Lawyer's Day is a professional holiday in Belarus. It's annually celebrated by all lawyers on the first Sunday in December. This professional day was officially established by President of Belarus in 1998.

Lawyer's Day is an important professional holiday, because it's dedicated to the representatives of one of the most needed and demanded profession in each country. The present-day Belarus is still going through the stages of creation of the modern lawful society, that is why the work of lawyers is particularly significant for it. Moreover, celebration of Lawyer's Day attracts public attention to this profession and raises its importance for all people.

Lawyer's Day is celebrated by all people, who work in the sphere of jurisprudence in Belarus. This is the holiday for judges, jurists, prosecutors, legal counsels and other people, whose works is connected with this field. They receive souvenirs, presents and congratulations on this day from the relatives and friends. Unfortunately, the government of Belarus doesn't organize any special events on the national level to congratulate and present the memorial prizes to the distinguished lawyers.

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