Civic Holiday in Canada Date in the current year: August 5, 2024

Civic Holiday in Canada The first Monday in August is Civic Holiday in most Canadian provinces. This holiday is known under different names in many provinces and municipalities.

Civic Holiday evolved into different holidays, native to almost each province. For instance, it's British Columbia Day in British Columbia, Saskatchewan Day in Saskatchewan and New Brunswick Day in New Brunswick. In Nova Scotia is it called Natal Day, but it is not an official holiday.

Civic Holiday is known under the name of Heritage Day in Alberta and it is designated to recognize and celebrate the varied heritage of Albertians. In Toronto Civic Holiday was renamed to Simcoe Day to honor the first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada.

The holiday is not generally observed in Quebec, Yukon, Newfoundland and Labrador.

As far as Civic Holiday is celebrated in August, schools are always closed on this day. The employees of federal and municipal governments are given a day off. Scotiabank Caribbean Cultural Festival is held during the weekend in Toronto, where Civic Holiday coincides with Emancipation Day.

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