Food Freedom Day in Canada Date in the current year: February 6, 2024

Food Freedom Day in Canada Every year Canadians celebrate Food Freedom Day, a special event that is organized by Canadian Federation of Agriculture. The event celebrates the efforts of those people, who ensure that Canadians have enough food to eat.

This holiday doesn't have a fixed date, because it's annually calculated by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA). It can fall on any day of the year, representing the time, when the average Canadian earns enough money to pay for his or her own grocery bills for the full year. On this day Canadians get freedom from food.

Every year CFA chooses a special theme to organize the event and highlight the main issues of food supply and nutrition. For instance, these can be problems of soil, value chain, food waste etc. CFA also provides quick facts on consumption of food and special tips on eliminating the existing problems and make Canadians save some money and spend less.

CFA doesn't organize any special events for Canadians to celebrate Food Freedom Day, however, everyone is encouraged to join the discussion of the annual theme on Twitter.

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