Family Day / Islander Day / Heritage Day / Louis Riel Day Date in the current year: February 19, 2018

Family Day / Islander Day / Heritage Day / Louis Riel Day The third Monday of February is a statutory holiday in several Canadian provinces. In most of them, it is called Family Day (Jour de la famille). Other names include Islander Day, Heritage Day and Louis Riel Day.

The first province to introduce a statutory holiday in February was Alberta in 1990. Family Day in Alberta was proclaimed by Lieutenant Governor Helen Hunley on the advice of Premier of Alberta Don Getty. Getty said that the main goal of the holiday was to emphasize the importance of family values and to encourage Albertans to spend time with their families.

In 2007, Family Day was celebrated for the first time in Saskatchewan. Ontario followed suit the next year, and the first Family Day celebration in New Brunswick was held in 2018. Several other provinces also have a statutory holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February, but theirs are named differently. For example, Nova Scotia celebrates Heritage Day, the government of Prince Edward Island named their holiday Islander Day, and Manitoba school students choose the name Loius Riel Day for their holiday.

In British Columbia, Family Day is observed on the second Monday of February. Yukon’s February statutory holiday is named Yukon Heritage Day. It is observed on the Friday before the last Sunday of February.

As Family Day is not a federal holiday, public servants, postal workers and other federal employees in all provinces work on this day. Many businesses, however, are closed.

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