Holidays Calendar for July 17, 2016

Constitution Day is observed in South Korea on July 17. This holiday commemorates the day of adoption of constitution on July 17, 1948.

Lesotho annually celebrates the birthday of Letsie III, the reigning king, on July 17. This public holiday is known as King's Birthday.

Galla Bayramy is a public holiday in Turkmenistan that celebrates the annual wheat harvest. It is observed on the third Sunday in July. Galla Bayramy is often regarded as the professional holiday of the country's agricultural workers.


World Day of International Justice is observed every year on July 17. Celebration of this day is a great opportunity to promote international criminal justice.

World Emoji Day is an informal annual celebration of emojis, small pictographs widely used in electronic messages and on Web pages. The holiday is celebrated on July 17.

Day of Metallurgist is a professional holiday celebrated in some former Soviet republics, namely Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and Kazakhstan, on the third Sunday in July. It originated in the Soviet Union in 1957.


Slovakian Independence Day (Výročie deklarácie o zvrchovanosti SR) is celebrated on July 17. It commemorates the anniversary of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Slovak Republic in 1992. It is a remembrance day that must not be confused with Republic Day, a national holiday celebrated on January 1.

U Tirot Sing Day is an annual commemoration day observed in the Indian state of Meghalaya. It is the death anniversary of Tirot Sing (also known as U Tirot Sing Syiem), a 19th-century chief of the Khasi people, which is the largest ethnic group in Meghalaya, and a leader of the Khasis’ struggle against British colonization.

The birthday of the Queen Consort is an official Union Flag flying day in the United Kingdom. It is observed annually on July 17 because Queen Camilla was born on July 17, 1947.

Peaches begin to be harvested in July, no wonder National Peach Ice Cream Day is celebrated on July 17. Several scoops of delicious ice cream garnished with slices of ripe, juicy peaches will help you cool down on a hot summer day.

Firgun (פירגון) is a Hebrew world and a concept in Israeli culture used to describe unselfish, genuine delight or pride in other people’s accomplishments. According to another definition, firgun is a generosity of spirit, an empathetic and unselfish joy that someone good has happened to another person. There’s even a special holiday dedicated to this concept, called International Firgun Day.

National Ice Cream Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in July across the United States. Unlike most “national” food days, this holiday was indeed proclaimed by President.


National Tattoo Day is observed annually on July 17. It was created to recognize the history and cultural significance of tattoos, as well as to celebrate the talented tattoo artists across the nation.

July 17 is a perfect day to test your luck and buy a lottery ticket because it is National Lottery Day. This amazing holiday was created to celebrate the long history of lotteries in the United States and encourage people to buy lottery products.

Children's Day in Panama is celebrated on the third Sunday in July. It was originally held on November 1, but First Lady Vivian Fernandez de Torrijos decided to change the date because there were too many holidays in November.


Every year Children of Cuba and Venezuela celebrate their own holiday on the third Sunday in July. Children's Day is known to be one of the jolliest and happiest holidays of the year.


This Day in History

  • 2014 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed near the border of Ukraine and Russia after being shot down. All 298 people on board were killed.
  • 2014 Died: Henry Hartsfield, United States Air Force officer and NASA astronaut who logged 20 says, 2 hours and 50 minutes in space.
  • 2009 Died: Walter Cronkite, American broadcast journalist. He had been the anchorman for the CBS Evening News for 19 years, from 1962 to 1981.
  • 1996 Trans World Airlines Flight 800 exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean 12 minutes after takeoff from JFK, all 230 people on board died.
  • 1989 The Northrop B-2 Spirit, also known as the Stealth Bomber, made its first flight. It was first used in combat in the Kosovo War in 1999.
  • 1979 Born: Mike Vogel, American actor and former model best known for his role as plays Dale Barbara, the protagonist in Under the Dome.
  • 1976 Indonesia annexed East Timor and declared it its 27th province (Timor Timur). The United Nations Security Council opposed the invasion.
  • 1976 The opening ceremony of the 1976 Summer Olympics was held at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. It was the first Olympics held in Canada.
  • 1975 Born: Darude (stage name of Ville Virtanen), Finnish DJ and record producer. He rose to fame after releasing the hit single Sandstorm.
  • 1967 Died: John Coltrane, American jazz saxophonist, composer and bandleader considered one of the most influential saxophonists of all time.
  • 1959 Died: Billie Holiday (born Eleanora Fagan), renowned American jazz singer and songwriter who significantly influenced on jazz and pop singing.
  • 1958 Born: Wong Kar-wai, Hong Kong Second Wave filmmaker famous for his visually unique, highly stylized, emotionally resonant work.
  • 1955 Disneyland Park (originally Disneyland) opened in the city of Anaheim, California. It is the only theme park built under Walt Disney's direct supervision.
  • 1954 Born: Angela Merkel (née Kasner), German politician and former scientist who has been serving as the Chancellor of Germany since 2005.
  • 1952 Born: David Hasselhoff, American actor and singer known for his roles as Michael Knight in Knight Rider and Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch.
  • 1947 Born: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (born Camilla Shand), the second wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. They married in 2005 after a long affair.
  • 1935 Born: Donald Sutherland, Canadian actor whose career spans over 50 years. He is known for playing a diverse range of characters in acclaimed films.
  • 1918 The Bolsheviks murdered Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his immediate family and retainers at the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg, Russia.
  • 1917 King George V officially changed the name of the British Royal House from the German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the British Windsor.
  • 1912 Died: Henri Poincaré, French mathematician, physician, engineer, and a philosopher of science. He is often regarded as the last universalist.
  • 1907 Died: Hector Malot, French writer best known for his 1878 novel Sans Famille (Nobody's Boy, literally translated as Without Family).
  • 1894 Born: Georges Lemaître, Belgian physicist, astronomer and Jesuit priest best known for proposing theory of the expansion of the Universe.
  • 1889 Born: Erle Stanley Gardner, American lawyer and crime writer primarily remembered for his Perry Mason series of detective stories.
  • 1887 Died: Dorothea Dix, American activist on behalf of the indigent insane who created the first generation of American mental asylums.
  • 1797 Born: Paul Delaroche (born Hippolyte), French painter whose best known works include Bonaparte Crossing the Alps and Peter the Great.
  • 1793 Died: Charlotte Corday, French murderer who assassinated Jacobin leader Jean-Paul Marat. She was executed under the guillotine.
  • 1790 Died: Adam Smith, Scottish philosopher and economist. He is known for his work An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.
  • 1453 The last battle of the Hundred Years' War, the Battle of Castillon, was fought near Castillon-sur-Dordogne. It resulted in a decisive French victory.
  • 1429 Charles VII was crowned King of France at Reims Cathedral, following a successful campaign by Joan of Arc during the Hundred Years' War.
  • 1399 Died: Jadwiga (Hedwig), the first female monarch of Poland who ruled from 1384 until her death. She was officially crowned a "king" (rex).