International Firgun Day Date in the current year: July 17, 2024

International Firgun Day Firgun (פירגון) is a Hebrew world and a concept in Israeli culture used to describe unselfish, genuine delight or pride in other people’s accomplishments. According to another definition, firgun is a generosity of spirit, an empathetic and unselfish joy that someone good has happened to another person. There’s even a special holiday dedicated to this concept, called International Firgun Day.

The word “firgun” can be traced back to the Yiddish word “faringen”, which, in its turn, is a cognate of the German word “vergönnen”. It has been actively used since the 1970s. A verb with the same root, “lefargen”, means to make someone feel good without any ulterior motives. Sincerity and the absence of gealousy and negativity is an integral part of the concept.

According to Tamar Katriel, who works as a professor of communications in the University of Haifa, “lefargen” cannot be translated as “to give a compliment”, since compliments may be insincere or serve some ulterior motives, whereas firgun is always without agenda.

International Firgun Day was created in 2014 by Made in JLM (Made in Jerusalem), an Israeli non-profit organization that focuses on developing, supporting and connecting the tech and startup ecosystem of Jerusalem. The holiday is celebrated on July 17. It is very easy to participate in the celebration. All you have to do is say something good to others, personally or on social media.

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