Day of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic Date in the current year: January 1, 2017

Day of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic The independence issue has always been an acute problem for Slovakia until 1993, when the country finally gained it. Day of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic is the official holiday that marks the day of splitting Czechoslovakia into the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.

The process of establishing the independence began in 1989 after the Velvet Revolution that marked the end of the communist regime in Europe. All the following negotiations between the Slovak and Czech leaders were aimed either to tighten the relationships or to disband the federations.

In autumn 1992 Czech Prime Minister Václav Klaus negotiated all the details of disbanding Czechoslovakia. The decision was taken by the federal parliament in November when its members voted to dissolve the country into Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This decision took effect on 31 December 1992 and starting from 1 January 1993 the Slovak Republic celebrates its independence from the Czech Republic.

Despite all the past issues Slovakia and the Czech Republic remain close economical relations.

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