Children’s Day in Panama Date in the current year: July 21, 2024

Children’s Day in Panama Children's Day in Panama is celebrated on the third Sunday in July. It was originally held on November 1, but First Lady Vivian Fernandez de Torrijos decided to change the date because there were too many holidays in November.

Children's Day (El Día del Niño), also known as Child's Day or Kids' Day, is heavily promoted by the government of Panama. The holiday's primary focus is nuclear (elementary) families – family groups that consist of a pair of adults and their child or children. Children's Day is aimed at keeping the spirit of the nuclear family alive.

Children's Day in Panama is marked with colorful parades that involve songs, dance, on-stage performances, bright costumes and decorations, balloons. Various entertaining events are held throughout the country. Parents take their children out to parks to spend some quality time with them. On this day, parks are literally flooded by playing children.

Some schools in Panama organize special events and activities dedicated to Children's Day. As the school year in Panama is divided into three trimesters, Children's Day does not fall during a summer vacation, although it is celebrated in July.

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