Holidays Calendar for March 1, 2023

South Korea annually observes Independence Movement Day on March 1. This movement was one of the earliest public resistances against Japanese occupation the of Korean Empire.

March 1 is Nuclear Victims Remembrance Day in the Marshall Islands, which is a national holiday there. This day commemorates the victims and survivors of nuclear testing done in the area in the 1950s.

The Paraguayans annually celebrate National Heroes' Day on March 1. This holiday commemorates the end of the Paraguayan War. It also honors Francisco Solano López, Paraguayan leader, and other men, who died defending their country.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small Balkan country that comprises two autonomous entities: the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska. As a result, there are only two public holidays celebrated by the whole country: New Year’s Day and Labor Day. In addition, each of the autonomous entities has its own public holidays. For example, March 1 is Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day.

Saint David is the patron saint of Wales. His feast day is widely celebrated in Wales although it is not a bank holiday. Saint David's Day falls on March 1, it is the anniversary of the saint's death.

World Civil Defense Day was created by the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO) General Assembly in 1990. It commemorates the day, when the ICDO Constitution came into force as an intergovernmental organization in 1972.

The Disability Day of Mourning is an annual remembrance day observed on March 1. It was created to commemorate all disabled people who have been murdered by their caregivers, including and especially parents.

World Music Therapy Day is observed annually on March 1. It was created to raise awareness of music therapy as an established allied health profession and celebrate music therapists around the globe.

National Horse Protection Day, also known as World Horse Day, is celebrated on March 1 every year. It was initiated by Colleen Paige, a pet and family lifestyle expert who’s created a plethora of philanthropic holidays dedicated to animal welfare and environment protection, from National Cat Day to National Beach Day.

Beer Day is a significant cultural event in Iceland and it celebrates the end of beer prohibition in 1989.

Gratitude Day (Day of Gratitude) is an official holiday in Kazakhstan observed on March 1. It was established in 2016 to celebrate the anniversary of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan. The Assembly is a national advisory body designed to represent the country's ethnic minorities at national level.

Yap Day is a public holiday in the Micronesian state of the same name. It is dedicated to the traditional culture of Yap. The festivities usually include traditional sports and dances.

Jigit Day is celebrated on March 1 in Ingushetia and Chechnia, two federal republics in Russia located in the North Caucasus. It is usually viewed as a local alternative to Defender of the Fatherland Day (February 23) because the date of the latter is associated with tragic events in the history of the Chechens and Ingush.

Doomed Soldiers Memorial Day is observed in Poland annually on March 1. This observance is related to the cursed soldiers, the members of Polish anti-communist resistance movement formed in the end of World War II.

Japan annually organizes a special Bikini Day rally on March 1, the anniversary of the U.S. hydrogen bomb testing at Bikini atoll in the South Pacific Ocean in 1954.

With the exception of Swiss National Day (August 1), Swiss cantons set their public holidays independently. For example, Republic Day is celebrated in the canton of Neuchâtel on March 1 every year.

Iraqi Kurdistan is an autonomous region in Iraq populated mainly by Kurds, a Middle Eastern ethnic group. No wonder that most holidays and remembrance days here are inspired by the history and culture of the Kurdish people. For example, on March 1 Kurds observe Mustafa Barzani Memorial Day dedicated to a famous Kurdish nationalist leader.

The Day of the Balearic Islands (Día de les Illes Balears) in Spain is celebrated annually on March 1. It is a public holiday in the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands which commemorates the entry into force of its Statute of Autonomy.

State Sovereignty Enforcement Day (Hari Penegakan Kedaulatan Negara) is observed in Indonesia on March 1 every year. It was created to commemorate the 1949 Yogyakarta General Offensive that was an important milestone of the Indonesian National Revolution.

Muntinlupa City Charter Day (Araw ng Pribilehiyo ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa) is a special non-working holiday in the City of Muntinlupa, Philippines. It is celebrated on March 1 to commemorate the day when Muntinlupa was chartered as the 65th city of the Philippines.

National Pig Day is held every year on March 1. This event celebrates the pig as one of the most important domesticated animals.

No one can resist a tasty sandwich with peanut butter and jelly. It's National Peanut Butter Lover's Day on March 1, so let's celebrate it.

The USA and other countries annually observe Women of Color Day, a special day that was established to create a strong national network of women of African, Indian, Asian, Alaska native, Pacific Island, Latina and Hispanic heritages.

World Compliment Day is an unofficial international holiday celebrated on March 1. According to its initiators, the holiday was conceived as the most positive day in the world. It encourages people to appreciate others with words instead of gifts.

Pagan celebration of March 1 as the first day of the spring is common for many countries. For instance, Moldova and Romania celebrate Mărțișor, a folk spring festival.

March 1 is the first day of the spring in Bulgaria. People celebrate Martenitsa and welcome the upcoming spring.

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) has created a Zero Discrimination Day. It's a special observance, that promotes everyone's right to live life with full dignity regardless of their look, origin, love and disease. Its symbol is a butterfly, that is widely recognized as a sign of transformation.

World Seagrass Day is observed annually on March 1. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly to raise awareness of the importance of seagrasses for marine ecosystems and promote seagrass conservation efforts.

Self-injury Awareness Day is an annual global campaign, that is organized on March 1. Some people who are aware of their own self-harm chose to be more open about it and different organizations make efforts to raise public awareness of self-injury and self-harm.


This Day in History

  • 2014 At least 29 civilians were killed and more than 140 injured in a terrorist attach in Kunming, China. 8 knife-wielding men and women attached passengers at the city's railway station.
  • 2008 Died: Raúl Reyes (nom de guerre of Luis Edgar Devia Silva), Colombian guerrilla leader, Secretariat member, spokesperson, and advisor to the Southern Bloc of the FARC.
  • 2002 Operation Anaconda began in the Shahi-Kot Valley and Arma Mountains in Afghanistan. It was the first large-scale battle in the U. S. War in Afghanistan.
  • 1998 James Cameron's Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet became the first film to earn more than $1 billion worldwide.
  • 1998 Died: Archie Goodwin, American comic book writer, editor, and artist who is best known for his Warren and Marvel Comics work. He adapted Star Wars into comics.
  • 1995 Yahoo! Inc. was incorporated. The company's name is an acronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle". The company was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo.
  • 1995 Died: Georges J. F. Köhler, German biologist who was awarded the 1984 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine along with Niels Kaj Jerne and César Milstein.
  • 1994 Born: Justin Bieber, Canadian singer and songwriter who was first discovered through his YouTube videos. His debut EP was certified platinum in the U.S.
  • 1987 Born: Kesha (Kesha Rose Sebert), American singer, rapper, and songwriter. Her must successful singles include "Tik Tok" and "We R Who We R".
  • 1983 Born: Lupita Nyong'o, Kenyan-Mexican actress best known for her roles in 12 Years a Slave and Us, as well as for portraying Nakia in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • 1978 Born: Jensen Ackles, American actor and director who is best known for his role as Dean Winchester on the CW television series Supernatural.
  • 1973 Born: Jack Davenport, English actor best for his roles in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and other films.
  • 1969 Born: Javier Bardem, Spanish actor who won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men.
  • 1966 Venera 3 (Venus 3), a Soviet space probe, crash-landed on Venus becoming the first spacecraft to land on the surface of another planet.
  • 1966 Born: Zack Snyder, American film director, film producer, and screenwriter who is best known for his science fiction and action films.
  • 1963 Born: Thomas Anders (born Bernd Weidung), German singer, composer, and record producer who is best known as the lead singer of Modern Talking.
  • 1961 The Peace Corps was officially established by President John F. Kennedy. The Peace Corps is a volunteer program run by the U.S. government.
  • 1954 Four Puerto Rican nationalists attacked the United States Capitol, injuring five Representatives. The assailants wanted to highlight the struggle for independence.
  • 1941 W47NV began operation in Nashville, Tennessee. It was the first commercial broadcaster in the United States to receive an FM license.
  • 1927 Died: Peter Zvi Malkin, Israeli secret agent, member of the Mossad intelligence agency. He was part of the team that captured Adolf Eichmann.
  • 1922 Born: Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli politician, statesman, and general, the 5th Prime Minister of Israel. He was awarded the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize along with Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat.
  • 1920 Died: Joseph Trumpeldor, Russian-born early Zionist who helped organize the Zion Mule Corps and bring Jewish immigrants to Palestine.
  • 1918 Born: Roger Delgado, English actor who is best known as the first actor to play the Master on the BBC science-fiction television series Doctor Who.
  • 1912 Died: George Grossmith, English comedian, singer, actor, composer, and writer. He is best known for his memorable characters in the comic operas of Gilbert and Sullivan.
  • 1911 Died: Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff, Dutch organic and physical chemist who was awarded the 1901 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, becoming the first Nobel laureate in this field.
  • 1892 Born: Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, Japanese author who is considered to be the "Father of Japanese short story". Japan's premier literary award is named after him.
  • 1886 Born: Oskar Kokoschka, Austrian painter, poet, and playwright who is best known for his intense expressionistic landscapes and portraits.
  • 1872 Yellowstone National Park was established by the U.S. Congress and President Ulysses S. Grant. It became the world's first national park.
  • 1757 Died: Edward Moore, English dramatist and poet whose best known works include The Gamester, The Trial of Selim the Persian, and Gil Blas.
  • 1697 Died: Francesco Redi, Italian naturalist, physician, and poet. He is known as the first scientist to challenge the theory of spontaneous generation.
  • 1643 Died: Girolamo Frescobaldi, Italian composer and musician who is considered to be one of the most important composers of keyboard music in the late Renaissance and early Baroque periods.
  • 1562 The Massacre of Wassy took place in Wassy, France. Troops of Francis, Duke of Guise, murdered 23 Huguenots. This tragedy sparked the French Wars of Religion.