Women of Color Day Date in the current year: March 1, 2019

Women of Color Day The USA and other countries annually observe Women of Color Day, a special day that was established to create a strong national network of women of African, Indian, Asian, Alaska native, Pacific Island, Latina and Hispanic heritages.

The observance was established by National Institute of Women of Color in 1986. Since then it's annually observed on March 1 and features different programs, that are held across the USA and in other countries.

Women of Color Day has its specific way of observance, which was developed by Suzanne Brooks in 1988. For example, wearing ethnic dresses is a characteristic tradition. Another tradition is award presentations to “Outstanding Women of Color”.

Women of Color Day mostly gained popularity within the United States, as far as this country boasts almost the largest ethnic diversity among all countries in the world. And this observance will help raise awareness of the problems, that women of color face, point to intolerance and racism, develop a strategy to protect the rights of women of color and help all the human races to know each other better.

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