Saint David's Day in Wales Date in the current year: March 1, 2024

Saint David's Day in Wales Saint David is the patron saint of Wales. His feast day is widely celebrated in Wales although it is not a bank holiday. Saint David's Day falls on March 1, it is the anniversary of the saint's death.

Saint David is known for having founded a Celtic monastic community at Glyn Rhosyn (nowaday county of Pembrokeshire). This spot is now occupied by St David's Cathedral. David was famous in the Celtic world as a teacher and ascetic.

He was recognized as the patron saint of Wales at the height of Welsh resistance to the Norman conquest. In the 18th century, Saint David's Day was declared a national day celebration in Wales. Most of the people in Wales want it to be a public holiday, but it does not have such a status.

On Saint David's Day, numerous parades are held in Wales. The largest parade is organized in Cardiff, with the British Monarch or the Prince of Wales in attendance. Celebrations may also include food festivals, Celtic marketplaces, concerts, and sometimes even fireworks.

At schools, children participate in traditional concerts known as eisteddfodau which include singing and recitation. The flag of Saint David (a yellow cross on a black field) can be seen flying throughout Wales.

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