Self-injury Awareness Day Date in the current year: March 1, 2024

Self-injury Awareness Day Self-injury Awareness Day is an annual global campaign, that is organized on March 1. Some people who are aware of their own self-harm chose to be more open about it and different organizations make efforts to raise public awareness of self-injury and self-harm.

Orange ribbon is a symbol of this day, that is why people wear it. Another symbols are LOVE, written on the arms, bracelets or wristbands, and a butterfly, that is drawn on the wrists. The last represents The Butterfly Project, a project that helps people who tend to self-injuries stop cutting themselves. Every time when a person wants to cut oneself, a butterfly should be drawn on the skin. The butterfly is given a name of a close person and it can't be scrubbed off. If this person cuts oneself before the butterfly is gone, it dies. The butterflies drawn by another people are extra special, that is why they need good care.

Butterflies are drawn not only by people who tend to self-injuries, but also by those, who want to support them.

Self-injury Awareness Day goals to break down the stereotypes about self-harm and people who suffer from it, and educate medical professionals about this condition.

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