Apple Day in the UK Date in the current year: October 21, 2024

Apple Day in the UK Apple Day is an annual festival in the United Kingdom organized by the UK charity and lobby group Common Ground. It was first held on October 21, 1990 and has been celebrated every year since then.

Common Ground focuses on promoting local distinctiveness. This phrase was coined by Common Ground in 1982 and basically refers to the concept of spirit of place. Apple Day was established as a holiday to celebrate local produce with the apple symbolizing local foods.

On this day, people are reminded of numerous local apple varieties that are often ignored in favor of several supermarket-friendly ones. Common Grounds links particular apple varieties with their place of origin in the hope that orchards will be recognized for their significant contribution to local distinctiveness as well as genetic, physical and cultural diversity.

Apple Day is celebrated in many places throughout the United Kingdom. Although it was first celebrated on October 21, many venues prefer to organize events on the weekend closest to October 30. Typical Apple Day events include, but are not limited to, apple inspired games such as apple bobbing, apple identification, cookery demonstrations, juice and cider tastings, fairs.

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