Beer Day Britain in the UK Date in the current year: June 15, 2024

Beer Day Britain in the UK Beer Day Britain is an unofficial National Beer Day in the United Kingdom celebrated on June 15. It was inaugurated in 2015 by Jane Peyton, a British author, beer sommelier and evange-ale-ist.

The date of June 15 was chosen to commemorate Magna Carta, a charter signed by King John of England on that day in 1215. It is regarded as one of the most important documents in English history. But what does it have to do with beer? The thing is that Chapter 35 of Magna Carta mentions ale:

“There shall be standard measures of wine, ale, and corn (the London quarter), throughout the kingdom.”

Ale (which is, in fact, a type of beer) was so important in Britain that it was mentioned in one of the country's most significant legal documents. So Jane Peyton offered to commemorate this by celebrating Beer Day Britain. The celebration was supported by major organizations in beer industry.

This day aims at raising the profile of beer as the national drink of Britain and recognizing the contribution of pubs and breweries to the country's economy. On June 15, people are encouraged to drink beer and participate in events and activities organized by pubs, such as beer festivals, pub game tournaments, parties, hog roasts, etc.

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