Holidays Calendar for November 24, 2017

Flag Day is a public holiday in Tajikistan, that is annually celebrated on November 24. This holiday was established by President of Tajikistan in 2009 to commemorate the anniversary of adoption of the national flag in 1992.

Since 2014 people of the Turks and Caicos Islands celebrate National Day of Thanksgiving on the fourth Friday in November. This holiday has nothing in common with the American Thanksgiving Day.


Family Day is a public holiday in Palau celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is usually the fourth or sometimes the fifth Friday in November. It was officially established by the government of Palau to celebrate family values and give the citizens a long weekend.


International Carménère Day, also referred to as World Carménère Day or simply Carménère Day, is observed annually on November 24. It was created to commemorate the rediscovery of Carménère and celebrate the signature red wine grape of Chile.

International Systems Engineer Day is observed annually on the last Friday of November. It was created to celebrate engineers who specialize in the design, integration, and management of complex systems.


Many countries around the world celebrate the holiday of Teacher's Day. Teachers in Turkey celebrate this day every year on November 24.

Walrus Day is a Russian environmental observance held annually on November 24. It was inaugurated by the Russian chapter of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Marine Mammal Council.

Native American Heritage Day is an American observance held annually on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. It was created to highlight the contributions of Native Americans and celebrate their rich cultural heritage.


Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur is a memorial day observed on November 24 in some parts of India. It honors the memory of the ninth Sikh guru who founded Anandpur Sahib, a city in the state of Punjab considered one of the most sacred places in Sikhism.

Lachit Day (Lachit Divas) is celebrated in the Indian state of Assam on November 24 every year. It commemorates the birthday of a famous military commander and statesman of the Ahom Kingdom, known for protecting the kingdom from the Mughal Empire.

November 24 is Win Friends and Influence People Day. This unofficial holiday is celebrated by the fans of How to Win Friends and Influence People book by Dale Carnegie.

The National Sardines Day is a food-related holiday observed annually on November 24. Sardines are a popular food regularly consumed by millions of people therefore they surely deserve their own national day.

The Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. is often referred to as Black Friday. It marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and many retailers offer promotional sales on this day. Black Friday used to be a typically American phenomenon, but lately it has been promoted by retailers in many countries.


Buy Nothing Day is an annual international event, that takes place on Friday after Thanksgiving Day in the USA and on the next Saturday in other countries. It was started in Canada in 1992.


Maize Day, sometimes referred to as National Maize Day, is celebrated every year on the day after Thanksgiving, coinciding with Black Friday. It was created to celebrate one of the most important food crops grown in North America.


Evolution Day is an annual celebration designed to commemorate the anniversary of the first publication of Charles Darwin's work On the Origin of Species. It is celebrated on November 24.

National Day of Listening is an unofficial holiday celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. It was launched in 2008 by StoryCorps, a NPO whose mission is to provide Americans of all beliefs and backgrounds to record, preserve, and share the stories of their lives.


This Day in History

  • 2013 Iran signed an interim agreement with the P5+1 countries (China, France, Russia, the UK, the USA and Germany), limiting its nuclear program in exchange for reduced sanctions.
  • 2001 Died: Melanie Thornton, American singer. She gained immense popularity in Europe during the last decade of the 20th century, becoming the singer of band La Bouche. Her most notable hits include Be My Lover and Sweet Dreams.
  • 1991 Died: Freddie Mercury, British singer, songwriter and producer, renowned as frontman of the rock band Queen. He was known for his flamboyant stage persona and powerful vocals. He composed many hits for Queen, including Somebody to Love, We Are the Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • 1991 Died: Eric Carr, American musician, best known as the drummer for the rock band Kiss. He joined the band in 1980 and worked with it till his death of complications from heart cancer at the age of 41.
  • 1976 The eastern part of Turkey was hist by an earthquake of a 7.3 magnitude. Between 4,000 and 5,000 people died.
  • 1974 Donald Johanson and Tom Gray discovered the 40% complete Australopithecus afarensis skeleton in the Awash Valley of Ethiopia's Afar Depression. This skeleton is the only one fullest representation of an extinct hominid, living between 3.9 and 2.9 million years ago. The skeleton was named Lucy after the Beatles's song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
  • 1969 The second manned mission to land on the Moon the Apollo 12 ended. The command module splashed down safely in the Pacific Ocean.
  • 1966 TABSO Flight 101 en route from Sofia, Bulgaria to East Berlin, Germany crashed near Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. All 82 people on board were killed.
  • 1963 Died: Lee Harvey Oswald, American sniper, assassin of President of the USA John F. Kennedy. He was killed two days after Kennedy's assassination.
  • 1956 Died: Guido Cantelli, Italian orchestral conductor. He became Musical Director of La Scala, Milan in November 1956, but his promising career was cut short by his death in an aircraft crash in Paris, France.
  • 1954 Born: Emir Kusturica, Serbian director, actor and screenwriter. He was recognized for several international acclaimed films, including Underground, When Father Was Away on Business, Black Cat, White Cat etc.
  • 1950 A violent snowstorm, often called the Storm of the Century, formed in southeast North Carolina, the USA. The storm lasted till November 30, killing 353 and injuring over 160. The storm created US $66.7 million in damage.
  • 1948 Died: Anna Jarvis, American activist, known as the founder of Mother's Day in the USA. Celebration of this holiday became a popular tradition around the world.
  • 1932 The FBI Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory (best known as the FBI Crime Lab) officially opened in Washington, D.C.
  • 1926 Born: Tsung-Dao Lee, Chinese-born American physician, known for his work on parity violation. This work brought him the Nobel Prize in Physics, that he won in 1957 at the age of 30.
  • 1925 Born: Simon van der Meer, Dutch physicist. In 1984 he won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions to the CERN project, that led to the discovery of the W and Z particles.
  • 1916 Died: Hiram Maxim, American inventor. His best known invention is the Maxim Gun, the first portable, fully automatic machine Gun.
  • 1896 Born: Óscar Carmona, Portuguese politician, the 11th President of Portugal. His administration lasted from July 9, 1928 to April 18, 1951.
  • 1888 Born: Dale Carnegie, American writer and educator. Carnegie is famous for his courses in self-improvement, corporate training and salesmanship. He published a number of educative books, including How to Win Friends and Influence People.
  • 1885 Died: Nicolás Avellaneda, Argentine politician and journalist, the 8th President of Argentina from October 12, 1874 to October 11, 1880.
  • 1884 Born: Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, Israeli politician and historian. He was the 2nd President of Israel, serving from December 16, 1952 to April 23, 1963.
  • 1877 Anna Sewell published her classic animal welfare novel Black Beauty. The book became an immediate bestseller with around 50 million copies sold.
  • 1859 Charles Darwin published his work On the Origin of Species. The work was priced at 15 shillings with a first printing of 1250 copies.
  • 1826 Born: Carlo Collodi, Italian writer, best known for his world-renowned children's fairy tale The Adventures of Pinocchio.
  • 1801 Born: Ludwig Bechstein, German writer. He became popular as a collector of folk fairy tales. His German Fairy Tale Book was even more popular than the collection by Brothers Grimm.
  • 1784 Born: Zachary Taylor, American politician, the 12th President of the USA. He served from March 4, 1849 till his death in 1950.
  • 1722 Died: Johann Adam Reincken, Dutch-German organist and composer. He was one of the most important German composers of the 17th century, whose works made a major influence on Johan Sebastian Back. Very few of his works survive to this day.
  • 1642 The Dutch seafarer Abel Tasman discovered the island of Tasmania. He named it Van Diemen's Land.
  • 1632 Born: Baruch Spinoza, Dutch philosopher. His work wasn't recognized during the lifetime and its importance was fully realized only many years after his death. He laid groundwork for the Enlightenment and modern biblical criticism, becoming one of the greatest rationalists of the 17th century philosophy.
  • 835 Died: Muhammad al-Jawadf, Saudi Arabian religious leader, descendant of Prophet Muhammad, the 9th Shia Imam.