Strasbourg Christmas Market

Strasbourg Christmas Market
France’s most famous and popular Christmas market isn’t held in Paris, as one might think. It takes place in the city of Strasbourg. Located close to the border with Germany, Strasbourg is the historical capital of Alsace, which was a German city when the first Christmas markets began to emerge. The Strasbourg Christmas market dates back to 1570, it is considered the oldest Christmas market in France and one of the oldest in Europe. It attracts millions of tourists every year.

The Strasbourg Christmas market encompasses about a dozen sites across the city, but its heart is located in one of the city’s main squares, Place Brogile. During the Christmas season, the square is dominated by a tall Christmas tree brought from the forests of Saverne. Strasbourg’s main Christmas tree is about 20-30 meters tall, it is decorated by giant Christmas balls made by Alsatian artisans. The tree is installed in November.

The market features about 300 wooden stalls which offer Christmas gifts and souvenirs, foods and drinks. Over 100 stalls are located in Place Brogile, the rest can be found in Cathedral Square (Place de la Cathédrale), Gutenberg Square (Place Gutenberg), Place d’Austerlitz, Place des Meuniers, Place du Temple Neuf, Place du Corbeau and Place de la Gare, and Place Kléber. The Chilrden’s Village is specifically designed for the youngest visitors and their families, it takes place in Place Saint Thomas.

At the market, you can buy beautiful Christmas decorations, handicrafts, napkins and tablecloths, pottery, handmade toys, jewelry, and more. If you want to buy original gifts for your friends and family, check out unique local souvenirs which can’t be found anywhere else. They include stork-themed souvenirs (the white stork of Alsace is the symbol of this cultural and historical region), ceramic products (Betschdorf and Soufflenheim ceramics), and handicrafts with wooden mosaics. As far as local delicacies are concerned, merchants offer traditional Alsatian pastries, cakes, mulled wine and other treats.

Every year the market features special guests stalls that offer products and souvenirs from this year’s guest country. Here locals and tourists can learn more about the culture and cuisine of the guest country and buy interesting souvenirs.

During the Christmas market, the historical center of Strasbourg transforms into a real winter wonderland with numerous surprises and gifts, bright Christmas lights, and joyous music. As a rule, the program of the Christmas market in Strasbourg features over a hundred events and attractions for visitors of all ages including performances, exhibitions, boat rides for children, fairground rides, and more.

Strasbourg Christmas Market




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