Evolution Day Date in the current year: November 24, 2024

Evolution Day Evolution Day is an annual celebration designed to commemorate the anniversary of the first publication of Charles Darwin's work On the Origin of Species. It is celebrated on November 24.

On the Origin of Species is a scientific work by Charles Darwin, in which he introduced his evolutionary theory. This book is considered the foundation of evolutionary biology. It was originally published on November 24, 1859.

In his book, Darwin introduced his theory that populations evolve through a process of natural selection. The work was intended for a wide audience and attracted widespread interest shortly after its publication.

The first celebration dedicated to On the Origin of Species was held in 1909, it marked the 50th anniversary of the publication and the 100th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth. Celebrations have been held for over a century, but the term “Evolution Day” was allegedly coined in the 1990s.

Evolution Day is similar to Darwin Day. Both celebrations aim to educate a wide audience about evolutionary biology and honor Darwin's contribution to science. The day is marked by various educational events held by scientific societies and educational institutions across the world.

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