Holidays Calendar for June 11, 2021

Senior TT Race in the Isle of Man is one of the major events, that is awaited by the islanders and tourists from all over the world. The day of race is an official non-working holiday.


World Jaguar Day, also known as the Day of Jaguar, is observed annually on June 11. Its main goal is to raise awareness of the near-threatened status of jaguars and to unite conservationists, NGOs, zoos, governments, educational institutions, the private sector and other stakeholders in promoting jaguar conservation efforts.

International Yarn Bombing Day, also know as International Yarnbombing Day, is observed on June 11 every year to celebrate a very unusual style of street art that involves knitting or crocheting.

Brazilian Navy Commemoration Day (Data Magna da Marinha do Brasil) is observed on June 11. It marks the anniversary of the Battle of the Riachuelo that was fought on June 11, 1865. The battle was a key point in the Paraguayan War.

Students’ Day in Honduras is celebrated on June 11. Although it’s not a state holiday, it is widely celebrated by university and high school students. Sometimes, high school students are even given a day off on the occasion of the holiday.

June 11 is Kamehameha Day in Hawaii. This day honors King Kamehameha the Great, the monarch, who established the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The second Friday of June is a perfect day to pop some corn, put away all gadgets, curl up on the couch and watch your favorite movies because it is National Movie Night. This amazing holiday was created to encourage people to revive old movie night traditions and create new ones.


Birthdays of the members of the royal family are not public holidays in Denmark, but they are still considered important days in the country's calendar. On June 11, Denmark celebrates the birthday of Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark.

June 11 is annual William Davis Miners' Memorial Day, that is also known as Miners' Memorial Day or Davis Day. The memorial day is observed annually by coal mining communities and people who recognized miners killed in the shafts in the Canadian province Nova Scotia.

All chocolate lovers today have one more reason to indulge in their favorite treats. June 11 is National German Chocolate Cake Day!

Corn on the cob is a popular barbecue and picnic treat during the summer season, so it is not surprising that it is one of the foods that have their own unofficial holiday. National Corn on the Cob Day is celebrated annually on June 11.

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Day, or simply Multiple Sclerosis Day, is observed in Russia on June 11. It was created to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis, as well as to give healthcare professionals an opportunity to discuss the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

This Day in History

  • 2012 Died: Ann Rutherford, Canadian-American film, television, and radio actress best known for her role as Carreen O'Hara in Gone with the Wind.
  • 2003 Died: David Brinkley, American newscaster for NBC and ABC who received 10 Emmy Awards over the course of his television career.
  • 2001 Died: Timothy McVeigh, American terrorist responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995. He was executed by lethal injection.
  • 1999 Died: DeForest Kelley, American actor, screenwriter, poet and singer best known for his role as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the Star Trek franchise.
  • 1993 Steven Spielberg's science fiction adventure film Jurassic Park was released. The film grossed over $900 million worldwide in its original theatrical run.
  • 1986 Born: Shia LaBeouf, American actor and director known for his riles in Transformers and its sequels, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Lawless.
  • 1982 Born: Marco Arment, American iOS and Web developer best known as former lead developer and chief technology officer of Tumblr.
  • 1979 Died: John Wayne (stage name of Marion Mitchell Morrison), American actor, director and producer. He won an Academy Award for his role in True Grit (1969).
  • 1978 Born: Joshua Jackson, Canadian-American actor best known for his roles as Pacey Witter in Dawson's Creek and Peter Bishop in Fringe.
  • 1962 Three convicts escaped from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary on Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay, California, using and inflatable raft.
  • 1959 Born: Hugh Laurie, English actor, comedian, director, musician, singer, and writer known as one-half of the Fry and Laurie double and for his role as Dr. Gregory House on House, M.D.
  • 1955 The 1955 Le Mans disaster, the most catastrophic accident in motorsport history, occurred. Two cars collided, killing 83 spectators and driver Pierre Levegh.
  • 1944 The United States Navy Iowa-class battleship USS Missouri was commissioned. It was the last battleship commissioned by the United States.
  • 1937 Died: R. J. Mitchell, British aeronautical engineer best known for his work on the Supermarine Spitfire, an iconic World War II fighter aircraft.
  • 1934 Died: Lev Vygotsky, Soviet psychologist best known as the founder of cultural-historical psychology and leader of the Vygotsky Circle.
  • 1925 Born: William Styron, American novelist and essayist whose best known novels include The Confessions of Nat Turner and Sophie's Choice.
  • 1910 Born: Jacques Cousteau, French naval officer, explorer, oceanographer, scientist, inventor, filmmaker and writer who co-developed the Aqua-Lung.
  • 1903 Died: Alexander I of Serbia, also known as Aleksandar Obrenović, King of Serbia from 1889 to 1903. He was assassinated by a group of army officers.
  • 1899 Born: Yasunari Kawabata, Japanese novelist and short story writer, the first Japanese author to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature (in 1968).
  • 1879 Died: William, Prince of Orange, the eldest son of King William III of the Netherlands and heir apparent to the throne of the Netherlands.
  • 1864 Born: Richard Strauss, German composer of the late Romantic and early modern eras. He is primarily known for his operas and tone poems.
  • 1859 Died: Klemens von Metternich, Austrian politician, statesman and diplomat who served as the 1st State Chancellor of the Austrian Empire from 1821 to 1848.
  • 1842 Born: Carl von Linde, German engineer and scientist best known for inventing the first industrial-scale air separation and gas liquefaction processes.
  • 1825 The cornerstone was set in place for Fort Hamilton in New York City. The construction lasted for six years and cost about a half million dollars.
  • 1776 Born: John Constable, English Romantic painter who is primarily known for his landscape paintings of Dedham Vale, Essex/Suffolk, England.
  • 1775 The Battle of Machias (also referred to as the Battle of the Margaretta) began during the American Revolutionary War. It was won by patriot forces.
  • 1770 HMS Endeavour under command of Lieutenant James Cook ran aground on a shoal of the Great Barrier Reef. The ship was badly damaged.
  • 1509 Henry VIII of England married his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. The king annulled this marriage in 1533 in order to marry Anne Boleyn.
  • 1488 The Battle of Sauchieburn was fought during the second rebellion of Scottish nobles against King James III of Scotland. It resulted in decisive rebel victory.
  • 786 The Battle of Fakhkh was fought between the forces of the Abbasid Caliphate and the supporters of a pro-Alid rebellion in Mecca.