Birthday of Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark Date in the current year: June 11, 2023

Birthday of Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark Birthdays of the members of the royal family are not public holidays in Denmark, but they are still considered important days in the country's calendar. On June 11, Denmark celebrates the birthday of Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark.

Henri de Laborde de Monpezat was born on June 11, 1934 to André de Laborde de Monpezat and Renée Doursenot. He attended Sorbonne and National School of Oriental Languages and served in the French Army during the Algerian War. In 1963, he joined French Foreign Affairs Ministry.

In 1963, Henri started working at the French Embassy in London. There he met Princess Margrethe of Denmark, the heir presumptive to the Danish throne. The couple married in 1967. Henri's name was changed to Henrik and he became Prince Henrik of Denmark. Before the wedding, he had to convert from Roman Catholicism to Protestantism.

In 1972, King Frederick IX died, and Margrethe ascended the throne as Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. Henrik became Prince Consort of Denmark. Henrik and Margrethe have two children together, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim.

Henrik is an accomplished poet, he writes in his native French. His works has been published in several poetry collections some of which have illustrations by his wife.

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