Zlín Film Festival

Zlín Film Festival
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The Zlín Film Festival, also known as the International Film Festival for Children and Youth (Mezinárodní festival filmů pro děti a mládež) is the oldest children’s film festival in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1961, it has since become one of the world’s largest film events for children and youth.

Zlín is a Czech city situated in southeastern Moravia. In the early 1930s, screenwriter Elmar Klos, producer Ladislav Kolda and cinematographer Alexander Hackenschmied arrived here to establish the first film studio in Czechoslovakia. The city was also home to the largest movie theater in Central Europe with a capacity of about 2,500 spectators. No wonder that back then Zlín was regarded as the main filmmaking center in the country.

The first film event in Zlín was held in the early 1940s. This precursor of later film festivals was called Film Harvest (Filmové žně) or Zliennale. The first full-fledged film festival took place in 1961 and has been held every year since then. Since its inception, it has grown to become the biggest film festival for children and youth first in Czechoslovakia and then in the independent Czech Republic.

Although the Zlín Film Festival focuses on films for children and youth, its program features films for attendees of all ages and backgrounds, showcasing the best of international cinema. There’s even a special late night screening slot saved for adult visitors. Every year the festival screens about 300 films from more than 50 countries (including Czech, world and international premieres) and attracts over 120,000 visitors.

The Zlín Film Festival is a competitive festival with five main competitive sections: International Competition of Feature Films for Children, International Competition of Feature Films for Youth, International Competition of Short Animated Films for Children, International Competition of European First Films, and International Competition of Student Films (Zlín). The main prize in the first three competitive sections is the Golden Slipper Award. The best European first feature film is awarded the Europe Award. Besides, there are several special awards including the Audience Award (the Golden Apple Award).

Alongside competitive sections, the program of the festival includes out-of-competition sections (Days of European Cinema, Night Horizons, Documentaries, Panorama, Young Stars, and others), exhibitions, concerts, public readings, entertainment for children, autograph sessions, industry events (lectures, workshops and masterclasses), and more.

Zlín Film Festival

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