Slovak National Uprising Anniversary Date in the current year: August 29, 2024

Slovak National Uprising Anniversary Slovak National Uprising Anniversary is one of the public holidays in Slovakia. This holiday commemorates the day, when the Slovaks rose up against Nazi Germany in 1944.

The Slovak National Uprising began on August 29, 1944. This armed uprising was organized by the Slovak resistance movement against Nazi Germany in attempt to resist fascist occupation of Slovakia and overthrow the government of Jozef Tiso, collaborating with the Germans. The uprising was suppressed by Germany, however, this guerrilla war continued till full liberation of Slovakia by the Soviet, Czechoslovak and Romanian Armies.

The uprising was fully suppressed on October 28, 1944. But the partisans of the remained forces were active in the mountains. People, suspected of aiding the partisans and Jews, were murdered, and their villages, together with all inhabitants, were burned. The death toll was over 5,000 innocent people, who were buried in 211 mass graves.

The Slovaks didn't achieve their military objective, and the role of the Uprising in the history of Slovakia is disputed, however, its anniversary is annually observed on national level.

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