May Day Date in the current year: May 1, 2018

May Day May 1 is May Day, one of the oldest festivals in Northern Hemisphere. This is a well-known spring festival and a public holiday in number of countries.

May Day is closely connected to another two pagan holidays – Beltane, the Celtic festival, and Walpurgis Night, the German festival. The earliest May Day celebrations date back to the pre-Christian times, when festival of Flora, or Floralia, the Roman goddess of flowers, was observed. Beltane was most commonly observed on April 30, that was a traditional summer holiday. Since May was the first month of the summer, this holiday honored the beginning of the season.

The most famous rites and ceremonies of May Day is Morris dancing and crowning May Queen. Many European countries organize fairs, festivals, parades etc. For instance, in France everyone gives to each other lily of the valley, that is the symbol of springtime. Picnics and outside parties are common for Finland.

May Day is public holiday in most countries, that is why the banks are closed.

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Eland, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Iceland, Norway, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Sweden, Bangladesh, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Eritrea, Gambia, Ghana, Greece, India, Libya, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka


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