Teachers' Day in Brazil Date in the current year: October 15, 2024

Teachers' Day in Brazil Teachers' Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. This holiday praises the work of teachers and their contribution to the development of the nation. Brazil, as every other country, chooses its own date to celebrate the holiday.

Brazilian teachers have their own holiday annually on October 15 and this date has a historical background for the nation. On October 15, 1827 Emperor of Brazil Pedro I signed a special decree on establishment of primary schools for lower class, thus making education accessible for every layer of the society.

This date became of major significance for the further development of Brazil and since then the system of education was greatly improved. The first celebration of Teachers' Day was held also on October 15, but in 1947. Teachers at a small school in Rua Augusta organized a special parade to celebrate education and curriculum planning for the next year. Soon after many schools picked up this tradition and unofficial celebration of Teachers' Day scattered across Brazil. This holiday gained an official status in 1963.

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