Civil Servants' Day in Brazil Date in the current year: October 28, 2024

Civil Servants' Day in Brazil Civil Servants' Day isn't just another professional day in Brazil, its a day off for the civil servants and bank employees. This holiday is annually observed on a state level.

Brazilian civil servants annually have an additional day off, that they can spend with their families. Originally the holiday has a fixed date, that is October 28, however, every year the Government of Brazil takes a decision whether to move this holiday to another date or not. It's done to organize a longer weekend. For instance, the holiday may be officially moved to the nearest Friday or Monday to October 28.

Brazilian civil servants are occupied in legislative, executive and judicial branches of the Federal Government and its units, the States, the Federal Districts and the Municipalities. Civil servants play an important role in political, economical and cultural life of Brazil, that is why all the ministries and the employees of governmental organizations have an additional day off.

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