Black Awareness Day in Brazil Date in the current year: November 20, 2024

Black Awareness Day in Brazil Black Awareness Day (Dia da Conciência Negra) is a Brazilian holiday celebrated on November 20. It was established in the 1960s to celebrate awareness by the black community about their contribution to the country.

In Brazil, the term “negro” or “preto” (Black) refers to Brazilian people with African ancestry. According to the 2010 census, Afro-Brazilians constitute 7.61% of the country's population, being the second largest ethnic group in Brazil. Most Black Brazilians are descendants of African slaves brought to the country by Portuguese colonizers.

Until recently, many Black Brazilians were reluctant to admit to having African ancestry. However, in the recent years, Brazil has been undergoing a process of redemption of its Black identity. Black Awareness Day was instituted to dissolve the perception of Black Brazilians' inferiority in society and promote equal rights for everyone, regardless of their skin color or ethnic identity.

Originally Black Awareness Day was celebrated on May 13 to commemorate the abolition of slavery in Brazil. However, its date was changed to November 20 to mark the death anniversary of Zumbi, the last leader of the community of escaped slaves known as Palmares.

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