Aviator's Day in Brazil Date in the current year: October 23, 2024

Aviator's Day in Brazil Brazilian Aviator's Day is celebrated on October 23. It commemorates the first official flight of Alberto Santos-Dumont, a Brazilian aviation pioneer. In Brazil, Santos-Dumont is regarded as the “father of flight” and considered a national hero.

Alberto Santos-Dumont was born in 1873 in the town of Palmira (now Santos Dumont). His father was an engineer, but shortly after Alberto's birth he became the manager of a coffee plantation. From an early age Santos-Dumont was fascinated by machinery.

In 1891, Santos-Dumont moved to Paris with his parents. There he continued his education and became interested in balloons and dirigibles. He made numerous flights on lighter-than-air aircraft, some of which he constructed himself. In the early 20th century, his primary interest turned to heavier-than-air aircraft.

Santos-Dumont's first successful flight of a heavier-than-air aircraft took place on October 23, 1906. It was the first flight of a powered heavier-than-air machine in Europe to be verified by the Aéro-Club de France (then simply the Aéro-Club).

Although Santos-Dumont spent most of his life in France, Brazilians consider him to be a national hero. The anniversary of his historical flight was designated as Aviator's Day.

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