Holidays Calendar for July 9, 2015

July 9 is Independence Day in Argentina. This holiday commemorates the day of declaration of independence of the United Provinces of South America.

One of the world’s youngest nations, South Sudan celebrates its Independence Day on July 9. On this day in 2011, the country gained independence from Sudan.

Constitution Day in Palau, that annually falls on July 9, is a public holiday. The islanders have a day off to celebrate this day.

July 9 is Diplomatic Service Agency Worker's Day in Azerbaijan. This is an official professional holiday, that is observed by working staff of the Diplomatic Service Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Water Resource Management Employees Day is one of the newest holidays in Kazakhstan’s calendar of professional events. In was established in January 2019 by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakhytzhan Sagintayev. The holiday is celebrated on July 9.

Annually King of Cambodia plants at least one tree. This event takes place on July 9, that is Arbor Day in Cambodia. Celebration of this event encourages tree planting, protection of forests and raises public awareness of multiple issues of nature preservation in Cambodia.

Every year Mexicans observe National Tree Day on the second Thursday in July. This observance was officially established by President of Mexico in 1959.


On July 9 (the 18th day of the month of Tir in the Solar Hijri calendar) Iranians celebrate National Children’s Literature Day. The holiday is dedicated to Mehdi Azar-Yazdi, an Iranian children’s writer who is widely considered one of the classics of Persian children’s literature.

Constitution Day in Australia is observed annually on July 9. This day commemorates the day when the Constitution of Australia was approved in 1900.

Nunavut Day is a public holiday in the Canadian territory of Nunavut. It is celebrated on July 9 to commemorate the anniversary of the day when the present-day boundaries of Nunavut were defined.

Constitutionalist Revolution Day is observed in the Brazilian state of São Paulo on July 9. It is an important civic holiday that commemorates the beginning of the uprising of the paulistas against the government of Getúlio Vargas. Although the revolt was quelled, it is considered one of the most important events in the history of São Paulo.

National Flag Day (Día de la Bandera) is celebrated in Chile on July 9 every year. It honors the Chilean flag and commemorates the Battle of La Concepción, where 77 Chilean soldiers died fighting a 1,300-strong Peruvian force.

Although sugar cookies are often associated with Christmas, National Sugar Cookie Day is celebrated in summer, on July 9.

National Dimples Day is a fun holiday observed annually on July 9. It was created to celebrate the rarity of dimples and encourage people who have dimples to embrace them with pride.

Lesbian Visibility Day (Día de la Visibilidad Lésbica) is observed in Chile annually on July 9. It was created to honor the memory of Mónica Briones, a Chilean painter and sculptor whose murder is regarded as the first documented case of a lesbophobic hate crime in the country.


This Day in History

  • 2014 Died: Eileen Ford (née Otte), American businesswoman and model agency executive best known as a co-founder of Ford Models.
  • 2005 Died: Yevgeny Grishin, Soviet speed skater. He won four golden Olympic medals and was the first to break the 40 second barrier on the 500 m.
  • 2002 Died: Rod Steiger, American actor best known for his Academy Award-winning performance in the 1967 mystery film In the Heat of the Night.
  • 1986 The New Zealand Parliament passed the Homosexual Law Reform Act that legalized consensual sex between men aged 16 and older.
  • 1985 Died: Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, who reigned from 1919 to 1964. In 1964, she abdicated in favor of her son Jean.
  • 1981 Nintendo released the arcade game Donkey Kong. It was the first video game featuring Mario, who now serves as the company's mascot.
  • 1971 Born: Marc Andreessen, American software engineer, entrepreneur and investor who co-founded Netscape Communications Corporation.
  • 1971 Born: Scott Grimes, American actor and singer. He is known for his television roles on ER, Party of Five, Band of Brothers, American Dad!, and The Orville.
  • 1967 Died: Fatima Jinnah, Pakistani dental surgeon, stateswoman and biographer who is regarded as one of the leading founders of Pakistan.
  • 1964 Born: Courtney Love (born Harrison), American singer, songwriter, musician, actress and visual artist. She is the widow of Kurt Cobain.
  • 1962 The United States conducted Starfish Prime, a high-altitude nuclear test. A Thor rocket was launched from Johnston Island in the Pacific Ocean.
  • 1959 Born: Kevin Nash, American professional wrestler and actor. He is one of the three founding members of the New World Order (nWo).
  • 1958 A 7.8 megatsunami occurred in the Lituya Bay area, Alaska. Three people were killed on Khantaak Island and two were caught by a wave in the bay.
  • 1956 Born: Tom Hanks, American actor and filmmaker known for his roles in Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, You've Got Mail, and many other films.
  • 1947 Born: O. J. Simpson, American football player, actor, and media personality. His professional success was overshadowed by his trial and controversial acquittal for the murders of his former wife and her friend.
  • 1946 Born: Bon Scott, Scottish-born Australian musician, singer and songwriter, best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the hard rock band AC/DC.
  • 1943 During World War II, Allied forces began the invasion of Sicily, codenamed Operation Husky. It began the Italian Campaign of WWII.
  • 1934 Born: Michael Graves, American architect. His best known works include the Portland Building, the Denver Public Library, and the Walt Disney World Swan.
  • 1932 Died: King C. Gillette, American businessman known for inventing a bestselling version of the safety razor and founding the Gillette Company.
  • 1926 Born: Ben Roy Mottelson, American-born Danish physicist who was awarded the 1975 Nobel Prize in Physics, sharing it with two other scientists.
  • 1922 American swimmer Johnny Weissmuller broke Duke Kahanamoku's world record in the 100-meter freestyle, swimming it in 58.6 seconds.
  • 1880 Died: Paul Broca, French physician, surgeon, anatomist, and anthropologist who is known for his contributions to physical anthropology.
  • 1877 The inaugural Wimbledon Championship began at the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club (AEC<C) in Wimbledon, London.
  • 1856 Died: Amedeo Avogadro, Italian scientist who is best known for his contributions to molecular theory, first and foremost Avogadro's law.
  • 1850 Died: Báb (Siyyid `Alí Muḥammad Shírází), one of three central figures of the Bahá'í Faith and the founder of the religious movement Bábism.
  • 1850 Died: Zachary Taylor, American army officer and statesman who served as the 12th President of the United States from 1849 until his death.
  • 1834 Born: Jan Neruda, Czech journalist, poet and writer who is considered to be one of the most prominent representatives of Czech Realism.
  • 1789 The National Constituent Assembly was formed during the early stages of the French Revolution. It was dissolved on September 30, 1791.
  • 1764 Born: Ann Radcliffe (née Ward), English author, a pioneer of the Gothic novel. One of her best known works is The Romance of the Forest.
  • 1540 King Henry VIII annulled the marriage to his fourth wife Anne of Cleves. Anne was thereafter referred to as the King's Beloved Sister.
  • 1357 According to legend, Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV laid the cornerstone of the Charles Bridge in Prague. Its construction ended in 1402.