White Day Date in the current year: March 14, 2024

White Day Asian countries, like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China, celebrate White Day on March 14. This holiday is tightly connected to Valentine's Day and it's observed by men.

Valentine's Day in Japan is observed by women and girls, who give men bought or handmade chocolate. The latter is preferable, because it precepts sincerity, effort ans emotion put into a home-made confection.

White Day is a kind of “answer” to Valentine's Day gifts, and now it's men's turn to give women chocolate, jewelry, lingerie, cookies or marshmallows. By the way, it's expected, that gift from man should be twice or thrice more expensive, than the Valentine's gift.

The tradition to celebrate White Day began in 1978, when the National Confectionery Industry Association claimed, that men should pay back women who gave them chocolates and other gifts on Valentine's Day.

The Japanese tradition to celebrate White Day eventually spread to the East Asian countries, where it became observed on the same manner. In South Korea White Day is observed in a slightly different way: men give women lollipops and other hard candies instead of chocolate.

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