Constitution Memorial Day in Japan Date in the current year: May 3, 2024

Constitution Memorial Day in Japan Constitution Memorial Day is a public holiday in Japan celebrated on May 3. It takes place during the so-called Golden Week, the period from April 29 to May 5, which contains four public holidays.

Constitution Memorial Day commemorates the promulgation of the Constitution of Japan in 1947. May 3 was declared a public holiday immediately after the Constitution of Japan came into effect and has been celebrated annually ever since. Constitution Day in Japan is often considered an occasion to reflect upon the meaning of democracy.

The 1947 Constitution of Japan is also known as the Postwar Constitution or the Peace Constitution, because if was drafted and adopted after the capitulation of Japan in the Second World War.

The document was drawn up during the period of the Allied occupation of Japan. It was indented to replace Japanese absolute monarchy with liberal democracy and to demilitarize the country. The Constitution introduced a parliamentary system and deprived the Emperor of Japan of any real power, leaving him with a purely ceremonial role.

The Constitution was adopted on November 3, 1946 and came into effect six months later. It is a rigid document that has never been amended since its adoption.

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