Culture Day in Japan Date in the current year: November 3, 2024

Culture Day in Japan Culture Day is a public holiday in Japan, that is annually observed on November 3. Celebration of this holiday is aimed at promotion of Japanese culture, arts and academic endeavor.

Celebration of Culture Day originates in 1868, when a birthday holiday held in honor of the reigning emperor was introduced in Japan. After the death of the emperor in 1912 the holiday had been forgotten until 1927, when it was given a special status. After the end of World War II Japanese government separated religious and state holidays and substituted many emperors praising holidays with secular ones. Birthday of the emperor became Culture Day, that was observed for the first time in 1948.

Celebration of Culture Day is marked with various parades, exhibiting national costumes and traditions. Universities commonly present new research and projects, and secondary and primary schools organize a culture festival on or near this day.

Since 1963 Imperial Family of Japan holds a prestigious award ceremony for distinguished artists and scholars. The prize is not restricted to the Japanese only, that is why the representatives of other nations also can be awarded.

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