So Your Best Friend Doesn't Want to Talk to You Anymore

So Your Best Friend Doesn't Want to Talk to You AnymoreLosing a best friend is always hard for one side only. Your friend might feel great, because she has a “substitution” to your friendship, but you don't know what's going on and how you can handle the situation. You suffer, because you miss your BF and the times when you were together. Now your best friend doesn't want to talk to you anymore and you feel alone. What should you do?

You were attached at the hip and your friendship lasted for ages. You two felt great together and could chat all nights long about love, clothes and make-up. But now your best friend behaves strange: she doesn't talk to you and doesn't initiate meetings. She only responses if you start the conversation.

Friendship, as love relationship, always depends on two people. Both of you have to give and take, otherwise your friendship is one-sided. However, something has happened that brought your friendship into this condition. May be it was an argument, or something has changed in life of your friend, for instance, she's got a new boyfriend. Whatever the reason, you have to choose between distancing yourself from your friend or trying to mend everything.

First of all think, whether you've done something wrong, that insulted your friend. People very often estrange themselves from others who insult them. Politeness and fear to hurt makes them keep quiet about the problem, and it doesn't solve it, furthermore, it makes things even worse. So think whether you had an argument (or a little misunderstanding) recently or not. Even if you can't think about anything like that at all, apologize to your friend. Do it just in case, may be you've really hurt your friend and don't know about it!

Your apology may not work, however, you can try keeping to be a good friend, if you really need this friendship. Help your friend, whenever she needs it and keep hanging out with her. Over some period of time your best friend will understand that you're a good person, and will fight her personal daemons, that influence your friendship. If she really needs you, then you two will go through this hard time.

However, many people, who were in the same situation, would recommend you to forget about this person. If your friend isn't interested in your friendship anymore, then she's just not worth keeping around. Talk to your friend and ask what's wrong with your friendship and tell her about your feelings. Look at her reaction and see what she'll be like. After this conversation you will be able to make the right choice.



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