How to Support a Friend on a Diet

How to Support a Friend on a DietDieting is very hard for everyone, who wants to lose weight or does it due to health problems. We're sure that you have at least one friend who is on a diet, and we understand that you want to support them. We're are going to share some tips with you on how to support a friend on a diet.

There are many reasons why people stop dieting, that you have totally understand. Very often dieting is inconvenient, because you have to cook special healthy food, that may take a long time and be more expensive than eating regular. And diet is always expensive: your friend won't only spend money on food, but also on many support groups and fitness centers. So make it easier for your friend and support their dieting efforts correctly.

Remember simple things that you never ever should tell to a friend on a diet:

You look great”. This expression may make your friend think, that they've already achieved the desired result and stop dieting, still having much more to lose. This expression may also prompt the dieter to be obsessed with losing weight and it can lead to eating or exercise disorders.

You look better”. Do you know what can really hurt your friend who is on a diet? It's your words that your friend looks better. It sounds like earlier, before starting losing weight, your friend didn't look as attractive as now. Your friend is the same person regardless how many excessive pounds they have.

One bite won't hurt”. What do you really know about food and how much it will hurt or not hurt the diet plan of your friend? Don't pretend to be a food expert and make your friend eat at least one bite of this delicious cheesecake. Even people who are not on a diet find it hard to keep themselves away from eating delicious food they've just tried.

I made it for you”. Don't cook anything for your friend, unless they ask you about it and tell you what kind of ingredients you may use. It's only your friend who is responsible for decisions around the food, not you.

Are you sure that you can eat it?” You're not a food police and you don't have to interfere into the food plan of your friend. Even if you see that your friend is eating chips, mentioning it and reminding about the diet will only make the things worse.

So, if you really want to help your friend, who is on a diet, then you can accompany them in their exercise routine. Doing exercises is very hard and tiresome, but if your friend knows that you will join, it becomes more fun just because you know that you share this activity with your friend.

Socializing includes many activities connected with food consumption, that's why your friend may avoid hanging out together. Support your friend by becoming their advocate. Go to places where healthy food is served and ask waiters about ingredients of the dish.

Help your friend in cooking healthy meals. Cooking special meals may be very incontinent for your friend, especially, if they have to work late. Support your friend by cooking healthy meals.

And do you also need to loose a couple of pounds? If yes, then offer your friend to diet together. You can follow the same diet and cook for each other. Start a friendly competition and set weekly weight goals. The one who lost prepares a healthy meal for two of you.



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