13 Signs You've Found Your BFF

13 Signs You've Found Your BFFYou can have as many friends as you want, but you can only have one BFF, your best friend forever. Best friends are each other's platonic soulmates, you can hardly imagine your life without your best friend. What are the signs you've found your BFF?

You have each other's backs. Hanging out together is cool, but real friends are tested during hard times. A best friend is an important part of your support system, they will be by your side no matter what and you can always lean on them.

You trust them. Trust is essential in any relationship. You trust them in little things, you trust them in big things. You know they will always tell you the truth if you need to hear it, you respect their advice, you are one hundred percent sure that can keep a secret so you share almost everything with them.

You are honorary members of each other's families. When your family has a family event, your BFF is automatically invited, and vice versa. Their parents treat you like their adopted child and you don't think it's weird to accept their friend request on Facebook.

Time and distance don't matter. Even if you live in different parts of the country and sometimes don't see each other for months, you pick up right where you left off when you finally meet in person. And when you can't see each other, you find a way to communicate – your BFF probably is the one person you text the most.

You can't remember when you first met. Well, maybe you do remember but it still feels like you've known each other forever. You just can't imagine your life without your best friend, they are your constant, your anchor.

You balance each other out. Best friends don't necessarily have the same interests and opinions. They are different, but not opposites. They complement each other like yin and yang.

You've started to resemble each other. You are still different, but you've adopted each other's habits and mannerisms over time. That's what people who spend a lot of time around each other do. Sometimes you say the same thing at the same time or finish each other's sentences, and it seems like you literally have the same brain.

You have inside jokes. Your friend says something, you start cracking up, and people look at you like you're completely nuts. The don't get the joke and they will never get it even if you try to explain. It's between you and your BFF.

There are practically zero boundaries between you two. You feel so comfortable around your BFF that you don't even pay attention to all the casual touching. It just feels so natural. Sometimes it weirds people out because the two of you may seem too affectionate for just friends. But that's who you really are, just friends. (Also, you've probably seen each other naked.)

You can fight, but you always make up. Fights can happen, but you always make up afterwards. Sometimes your insult each other, but you will never intentionally hurt your best friend's feelings.

You can be yourself around them. You don't have to impress your best friend. They've seen you at your worst, they know everything or almost everything about you, and they still are your friend. So you are not afraid of doing embarrassing things in front of them.

They always know how to make you feel better. Whenever everything sucks and you're feeling down, they know exactly what to say and what to do to make you feel better. They will bring you chicken noodle soup when you're sick and do body shots with you when you are trying to get over the jerk they've never really liked.

You always have fun together. You don't even have to do anything to have fun, hanging out with your bestie is always fun, even if you're just studying. It is the company that matters.



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