How to Make Friends at Work

How to Make Friends at WorkMaking friends in high school and college is relatively easy. It is harder to meet people outside of school, especially if you move to a new city for a job. Why don't you try to become friends with some of your coworkers? Here are some tips for making friends at work.

Smile and be positive. A smile is a universal sign of friendliness, it indicates that you are approachable and ready to make new friends. However, this applies only to sincere smiles. If your smile is forced and faked, it won't help you. You should also positive while having your first few conversations, because the first impression is really important.

Don't be shy. Even outgoing people can get shy in an unfamiliar environment. However, you shouldn't let your shyness overcome you. Don't be afraid to say hello and ask how your colleagues are doing. It's basic politeness, after all. Participate in small talk, it will help break the ice.

Use one-on-one approach. If you are an introvert and large groups of people overwhelm you, you can try having one-on-one lunches and outings with your colleagues. Don't try to get to know everyone at once, take baby steps. However, you should use this approach carefully. You don't want your coworkers to think that you prefer certain people and plan get-togethers behind their back.

Don't rely on first impressions too much. Sometimes people get off the wrong foot. If you didn't hit it off immediately, don't think that your new co-workers are not exactly friend material. Give them a second chance.

Don't decline invitations. If your new co-workers invite you to have lunch with them or go out for drinks on a Friday night, don't decline their invitation. Maybe they are just being polite, maybe they genuinely want to get to know you. You will never find out unless you actually talk to them.

Participate in social events. Various social events held at your office are a great opportunity to interact with your co-workers in a semi-formal environment. If you don't find anyone to talk to, you can always go home.

Take initiative but don't rush. Don't be shy to strike conversations and initiate meetings outside work. Maybe your new colleagues are not sure how to approach you and you need to approach them first. However, you shouldn't overshare, ask uncomfortable questions or insist on outings if your coworkers seem reluctant. All in good time.

Be helpful. If your coworker needs assistance, offer them a helping hand. Kind and helpful people are likeable. Just don't forget you have your own job to do. If someone asks you for help and you have absolutely no time, gently refuse their request and explain why you can't help them right away. But if you can help, by all means do it!

Remember that you don't have to be friends with all your coworkers. Sometimes people just don't click. Simply being on good terms with them is totally OK. But you shouldn't dismiss the opportunity to make friends at your office, especially if you're alone in a new city.



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