10 Signs That You Have a Toxic Friend

10 Signs That You Have a Toxic FriendFriends are the VIPs in our life, and sometimes it's harder to stop the long-lasting friendship then break up with person who you love. However, there are some people you should avoid, because they ruin you. It's time to know who your friends really are, and our 10 signs that you have a toxic friend will help you.

#1: Your friend is around you, when they need it. You have a toxic friend, if this person calls you only when they need you. You are the person who listens and helps to find a solution, but when you need help, this person just disappears and never answers your messages.

#2: Your friend never sees their own flaws. You friend always sees something bad in you and you start feeling miserable. At the same time your friend never sees their own flaws, though is loaded of them. You even can't say anything about it, because your friend just doesn't get it. It's one more sign that you have to break this friendship.

#3 Your friend always criticizes you. Your friend acts like you're a second-class and constantly criticizes what you wear, say and act. It seems like your friend is better then you in everything.

#4 Only your friend's problems matter. You have some problems in your life, but your friend doesn't understand it. All your conversations are full of your friend's problems, while you even have no chance to speak. Even if it's your turn to say something, your friend doesn't listen to you.

#5 You don't want your partner to know your friend. Some people are very rude and cunning, they pretend to be good to you. However, you feel some vibe and want to keep them away from your personal life. You might think about your friend, while reading this.

#6 Your friend is constantly negative. You feel terrible, when your friend is around you. Your friend wants to put a damper on your mood and outlook, and it makes them feel good. Surround yourself with positive-minded people and your life will be much better then it's now.

#7 Your friend never celebrates you. Your friend never congratulates you or recognizes your hard work. Moreover, even when your friend tells you “good luck” it sounds like they wish you to die.

#8 You're constantly surrounded by drama. Your friend makes your life terrible by involving you in some kind of problems, headaches and dramas or theirs. This is a miserable company and you deserve to live drama fee life.

#9 Your friend is dishonest. You even may like your friend, but you understand, that you can't trust them your secrets. Your friend also never appreciates your attempts to advice or judge in order to steer them toward a better path.

#10 Bad influence. Your friend pushes you into something that you're not comfortable with or think that it's a bad decision. But you keep silence, because your friend “knows better than you what to do”.

Do you have some friends like that? If you do, then it's time to forget about them forever. Find more positive people to socialize with and your life will be more positive.



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