How to Overcome a Bad Mood

How to Overcome a Bad MoodYou know this feeling when everything and everyone irritates you. You're in a bad mood and you don't want to see anyone around you. All your plans are spoiled by your mood and it makes you feel even worse. Let's think, how you can overcome your bad mood and start enjoying your life again.

Before we proceed to the ways of getting out of a bad mood, you have to remember that whatever you feel, it has the outward reason. It could be a trifle that you didn't pay any attention to at first, but gradually this outward stuff set roots in your mind and now you can't stop thinking about it. It's obvious enough that in order to get out of a bad mood, you have to solve the problem that caused it. If you have no such opportunity, then you will find the next tips very helpful.

Focus your attention on someone else. You're in a bad mood because you pay too much attention to yourself only. You think about your problems and your mood, and it makes things worse. Trick your mind by changing the focus on someone else. Help your relative, an old neighbor or a friend. Relax, listen to their problem and help them see the way through.

Take a rest. Being in a bad mood is not the best time to start business negotiations or anything important, you won't succeed and mess everything up. Take some rest, go out and walk a couple of blocks. If you have an opportunity, then go to a gym. Physical exercises distract your attention from your thoughts and lift your mood up.

Take care of yourself. Loving your body and being a bit selfish can help you get in a good mood. Give yourself anything you'd like to or need, whether it's a cup of coffee, or a day in a spa. Have a tasty meal, a bubble bath and go early to bed. Healthy behavior is the best way to combat your bad mood. Compulsive behaviors, like shopping or drinking, will only masquerade the effects of bad mood, but in the end they will be disastrous for you.

Think about present. The thoughts about your past or future can exacerbate your bad mood. Don't think about your past, because you can't change it, and about future, because you don't know what will happen. Focus your mind on the present only and practice mindfulness techniques, like deep breathing, relaxation and meditation.

Tell people you're in a bad mood. People around you can't read your thoughts and even may not notice that you're in a bad mood today. Tell people who surround you that you're in a bad mood. Try to be quiet in order to omit unwanted arguments. You may tell something that will regret later. Ask people around you for help and use affirmative sentences.

Remember, that everything, and this too, shall pass. It's our last tip. Imagine your life to be the waves of the tide. Your mood is like waves, they ebb and flow, and your mood will lift in time.



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