5 Signs of a One-Sided Friendship

5 Signs of a One-Sided FriendshipSometimes breaking friendship is even harder than breaking relations. It may even sound strange, but this step is required to keep your inner world safe. One-sided friendship doesn't give you anything good, moreover, you look ridiculous in the eyes of other people, who understand what’s going on. So if you're not sure about the situation, here are five signs of one-sided friendship for you.

#1 You're the one who always calls. This is the most obvious sign that something is wrong with your friendship. You call, arrange meetings, while your friend sometimes doesn't answer or forgets to call you back. We think it's time to stop your friendship, because it's not equal any more.

#2 Friends-users. Some friends of yours may have even deeper look on the one-way friendship. These people call you, when they need something from you. Are you the first in their list to lend some money or help with a problem? And do you see them, if you have problem? Get rid of people who use you right now!

#3 Critics. You expect that your friends tell you their honest opinion. However, some people would like to tell you what you want to hear or even worse, they tell you everything that they think is wrong with you. You feel bad and sad, but undermining you makes them feel great. Do you really need these friends near you?

#4 Your birthday is forgotten. We're sure, that you remember the birthday dates of all your friends and never forget to wish have a good time during holidays. But do your wishes are reciprocated? If your friend always finds an excuse why you were forgotten, he or she doesn't even think about you.

#5 Are you invited? Having a party with friends is always fun, but how many times were you invited at your friend's place? May be you find out about a party the next day, when other friends of yours chat about it and share funny pictures. It seems to be a good reason to think, why your friend invites everyone else instead of you.

These five signs should help you understand that your friendship is one-sided. Although it really looks very easy, sometimes people don't notice anything or convince themselves, that nothing like that really happens. But face the truth – your friendship is already unhealthy for you. It's dead, so don't be that girl or guy, who cares for others, while they don't do anything for you. Any relationship, including friendship, should be like “give and get” rather than “give and give”. So make actions until friendship with your so-called friends didn't bring you a trouble.



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