9 Signs You Need a Relationship Break

9 Signs You Need a Relationship BreakSometimes putting your relationship on hiatus is a good way to mend it. Taking a break from a relationship doesn't equal breaking up. A relationship hiatus gives you space, it helps calm down, reevaluate your relationship and decide what you want from it. Here are nine signs you need a relationship break.

It is too much too soon. Many people think that relationship breaks are for couples in a long-term relationship. Well, it's wrong. If your relationship is still new and one of you is feeling that things are moving too fast, you should consider taking a break. The hiatus might put your on the same page.

You spend less time together. Of course, everyone has the right to spend time with their friends. But if you constantly prefer outings with your friends to date nights with your significant other, there is something wrong. When is the last time you've had a movie night or went out?

You stopped talking. Well, you still talk about the weather, your grocery shopping list and other trivial things, but you stopped really talking. And you used to talk all the time! Lack of common conversation topics is one of the signs you've basically become strangers.

One of you feels smothered. If one of the partners has become clingy and the other desperately needs space and alone time, they definitely need to take a break from their relationship until they figure out how to spend time together without driving each other crazy.

Sex isn't as good anymore (or there is no sex at all). Sex is important in almost any relationship. If your sex life isn't what it used to be and you've already tried everything you can think of to spice it up but nothing helped, the problem might lie deeper than you think. Taking a break will help figure out if sex is the only issue you are struggling with.

You are constantly picking fights. All couples have fights from time to time, it is normal. But if you fight all the time and can't even decide what to have for dinner without having a massive fight, a hiatus won't hurt. You need to deal with your anger management issues (both of you!) before trying to mend your relationship.

You think about breaking up. If you've started really thinking about breaking up with your partner and moving on, and the possibility of a break up doesn't freak your out, it's time to reevaluate your relationship.

The trust and respect are gone. Trust and respect are essential in any relationship. If you feel like you can't trust your partner (or they don't trust you) or if you don't respect each other's opinions and choices anymore, you need to take a break and think about the reasons.

Neither of you is happy. If both of you have been miserable lately and your demanding jobs and other pressures have nothing to do with it, you need a break. Your relationship is supposed to make you happy and fulfilled, not depressed and miserable.



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