Mother’s Day Date in the current year: May 5, 2024

Mother’s Day Some countries chose their own dates to celebrate Mother's Day. Lithuania, Hungary, Mozambique, Portugal, Romania, Cape Verde, Angola, and Spain celebrate the holiday on the first Sunday in May.

Mother's Day honors motherhood and reminds about the importance of mother for everyone. That is why all mothers regardless of their age receive congratulations, flowers and presents on this day.

Every country has its own traditions for celebration of Mother's Day. Spanish children, aided by teachers, make gifts for their mothers. The day is celebrated with the whole family and mothers enjoy it.

Mother's Day in Romania is a new holiday, and it was introduced in 2010 by law, that made Mother's Day and Father's Day public holidays. Previously Mother's Day was celebrated in Romania on March 8, as a part of International Women's Day, but due to the efforts of the Alliance Fighting Discrimination Against Fathers the holidays was separated. Now Romanians celebrate both holidays, on March 8 and on the first Sunday in May.

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