Father's Day in Romania Date in the current year: May 12, 2024

Father's Day in Romania The second Sunday in May is usually Mother's Day in many European countries. But Romania celebrates Father's Day.

Father's Day is celebrated in Romania since 2010. Out of the 27 states of the European Union celebrated it, only Romania had no official Father's Day. Both Mother's and Father's Day became official holidays in Romania under law 319/2009. The law was passed thanks to the campaign by the Alliance Fighting Discrimination Against Fathers (TATA).

Since Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday in May in the countries of the EU, in Romania its official celebration was shifted to the first Sunday in May. And the second Sunday in May became Father's Day. Establishing two family holidays in May highlights the role of fathers and mothers in upbringing children. Both parents are important for children, and the latter can show their love and affection to their parents during holidays in May.

Celebration of Father's Day should strengthen the emotional relations between children and their father. They can express love to each other, that is very important for the development of each child.

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