St. Andrew Day Date in the current year: November 30, 2024

St. Andrew Day The feast day of St. Andrew is celebrated in many countries around the world on November 30. For instance, St. Andrew Day is a national day in Scotland, while in Romania this is a public holiday.

According to the legend, Andrew the Apostle traveled to the territory of present-day Romania in the 1st century, where he converted people to Christianity. He was chosen to be the patron saint of Romania during the 1990s and in 2012 his feast day became the public holiday for the Romanians.

Celebration of St. Andrew Day is known for its traditions. One of them says, that the dreams girls see this night tells their future. For instance, single girls must put under their pillow a branch of sweet basil and if they see in the dream someone taking the plants, it means that the girl will marry soon. According to another tradition, girls plant wheat in a dish and water it till New Year's Day. The nice their wheat looks, the better the year to come.

St. Andrew Day is also a national holiday in Scotland, that is why the banks are closed. Schools across Scotland hold special events, that celebrate Scottish culture. Various activities are organized, where people enjoy traditional Scottish food, dancing, music and songs.

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