Teachers’ Day in Malaysia Date in the current year: May 16, 2024

Teachers’ Day in Malaysia Teachers' Day in Malaysia is held annually on May 16. Although it is not an official school holiday, celebrations are typically held in schools throughout the country. If May 16 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it is observed on the preceding Friday.

Malaysian Teachers' Day commemorates the endorsement of the Razak Report, an educational proposal aimed at reforming the educational system in Malaya (now Malaysia). This document has been the basis of the educational system in Malaya and eventually Malaysia ever since.

The Razak Report was named after its author, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, who served as the Education Minister at the time. The report provided for Bahasa Melayu (the Malay language) as the main medium of instruction, but other language medium schools were allowed to retain their medium of instruction.

Other provisions included formation of a single national education system with a Malayan-oriented curriculum and introduction of a single system of evaluation for all students. These principles were adopted as the country's education framework.

On Teachers' Day, Malaysian students and their parents show their gratitude and appreciation for the teachers who make a significant contribution to the development of Malaysia.

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