Top 9 Activities to Spend Father's Day as a Family

Top 9 Activities to Spend Father's Day as a FamilyIt's June and school vacations begin. The weather is great and it's the month, when we celebrate Father's Day. Whether you're a dad and want to spend this day with your children or you look for the way to make the holiday great for your father, check out our top 9 activities to spend Father's Day as a family.

#1 Have a picnic. The most simple and the best way to celebrate Father's Day is to organize a picnic outside. Go to the seaside or land in your backyard under the tree and enjoy a great weather and super tasty food. Involve your kids to preparations and let them make sandwiches or collect sticks for s'mores.

#2 Enjoy outdoors. There are plenty of outdoor activities, that you can enjoy with your kids. You could go for a bike scavenger hunt or find a hiking trail.

#3 Play games. All men enjoy sport games, so now it's time to do what you really like. If you can't attend a pro baseball game, then find any local minor league game that you can attend. Golf lovers have an opportunity to head to the range and start teaching their kids to play golf. If your kids are beginners, then you'd better stick with mini golf, driving range is good only for teaching kids the real game.

#4 Go fishing. There's nothing better than a silent lake, a boat and a fishing pole in your hands. You could enjoy fishing all day long, and since it's Father's Day, engage your kids into it. Children's fishing poles are not very expensive and you're sure to create cute memories. By the way, don't think that fishing is only father-son activity. Daughters also enjoy fishing, or at least the precious time they spend with their fathers.

#5 Visit a historic site. Plan sightseeing or visiting a history museum with your children on Father's Day. There are probably some historic sites in your area or war memorials. If you're a veteran, than this father-children activity is the best what you can think of for Father's Day.

#6 Build something together. Things that you build create long-lasting memories for your children. They will remember for a long time the day when you built a bird house or a mini shelf to display sea shells. And if you're children are not old enough to use tools, then give them brushes and let them paint the birdhouse. Hang it on the tree and watch different birds coming to it every morning.

#7 Cook dinner together. Although it's Father's Day, it doesn't mean that you can't give a hand to your wife and cook the dinner. Involve children and let them do the simplest things, like cutting vegetables for salad and tossing it.

#8 Go bowling. In case the weather doesn't make you happy and it's raining all day long, you can pick up any indoor activity for you and your children. Bowling is just perfect. Many alleys have special discounts on Father's Day.

#9 Have a movie night. Watching a movie with your family is a perfect end of a long day. Pick up a movie that you'd like to watch (today it's only your choice), ask for your favorite snacks and enjoy. After the end discuss the movie and ask your children what they liked the most.



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