How to Survive a One-Year Itch

How to Survive a One-Year ItchMany married couples are afraid of the so called and so much discussed seven-year itch. But did you know, that many couples can't even make through year two, because their first year of marriage was no honeymoon at all? If you fight with your partner a lot, find out how you can survive a one-year itch.

The one-year itch is less discussed, but it doesn't mean that it not here at all. In fact, about half of all married couples have to go through the first terrible year of married life. Once they do it, they shouldn't relax, because the seven-year itch is also waiting for them.

So, why do couples even can't make through the first year? The problem is their relations and the spark between them. The couples who think that they have bright relationship and intend to complement each other are likely to argue a lot during the first year of marriage. And the couples who never had very strong feeling and their vows were not remarkable, are likely to develop a strong bond with each other during the next years of life.

Mostly the problem of the one-year itch arises from the change of sex drive of each partner. Partners just lose interest in each other and it leads to adultery. Addressing sex issues and trying to make your life together with your partner easier is the first step to overcome the one-year itch.

#1 Check out your sex life. It's very important to stay interested in each other, that's why you should look as hot as you were when you were dating. No granny's underpants, since they are never sexy, no old lingerie that looks terrible. You have to look hot, because men love what they see. Also don't refuse to try something new to fuel up your sex.

#2 Treat your partner as your friend. You never treat friends the way they don't deserve, but when we get married, we take our partners for granted. Never do that and treat them as if they were your friend. They deserve only the best!

#3 Plan time for reconnection. Living together doesn't mean that you spend time together. When you're in the kitchen cooking dinner for two of you and your spouse is on the sofa watching TV, it hardly can be called being together. Schedule some time for reconnection, go for a walk in the nearest park or go for a Friday night date. Spending quality time is very important for your relationship.

#4 Remember, why you fell in love with your spouse. It's so easy to forget, why we love each other during the hard times. Constant fights and arguments erase our memory, and we start thinking, that wedding was a wrong step. After any argument or when you're upset with your partner, start picturing the time when you fell in love with them. Find the reason, why you love your spouse, and stick to it. Making a list of things that you love in your partner will help you! By the way, your spouse should do the same for you.

#5 Don't let your ugly out. There might be your ugly side that you want to hide from your spouse. And when you dated you never let it show up. And after the vows are said it's not the time to say whatever to hurt your spouse. Keep your ugly side hidden forever, because now it's really too late to let your spouse know about it.



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